wp_aboutIt’s no wonder that Kankan and Samina Bhattacharyya have proven to have such a winning partnership in their business, because their lives have been on parallel tracks from the beginning. Both were raised in middle-class families in India. They were both encouraged by their parents to excel in life, and both followed a similar path in their careers. Both Kankan and Samina are engineers, with MBA degrees from prestigious colleges. And both came to the U.S., the land of opportunity, in search of the American dream.

After working for a few years as IT consultants for some of the top companies in India and the States, however, they realized that there was a lot of disparity between the ideals they were taught and what they had experienced in reality in the corporate world. If this was the American dream, something was missing.

Through a friend, they found a way to start their own business in their spare time, while still pursuing their corporate careers. Working together, their partnership developed into a very successful business. Very quickly, they were able to jump off the career track and make their part-time business a full-time business. Today, they spend their time raising their two wonderful boys, Ryan and Kevin, at their home in Green Brook, New Jersey, and helping other people accomplish their dreams of financial freedom.

As the Bhattacharyyas have achieved success in their business, they also give their time and energy to support worthwhile charities in their local area. They are especially active supporting Easter Seals and the U.S. Dream Academy due to the programs these organizations have developed to meet the needs of children and returning veterans. The Bhattacharyyas truly understand the value of helping others and have made it a priority in their lives.

Because of their business, they have finally been able to experience and enjoy the American dream they were seeking all along. They have the flexibility to schedule their business around their life, and the peace of mind to enjoy an enviable lifestyle. But what they value most is the fact that this business allows them to impact the lives of other entrepreneurs in a positive way.